Creative Living: March & April

My Creative Living series is a visual journal capturing moments in life away from the sewing machine. The photos begged to be categorized, so I’ve abandoned the month headers this time around.

Eating: Warmer weather inspires rainbows on our plates, walks to the farmers market and meals out back on the deck. My kiddo hand picked those strawberries on a local farm.

CL eating

Exploring: There was a birthday weekend in Santa Barbara, a drive to fields of poppies, a hike and swim at the Ojai River Preserve, beach-combing for treasures and visits to the SB Natural History Museum where endless outdoor adventures can be had.

CL exploring

Growing: We watched our backyard play-space explode after the rains, further transform with spring blooms and turn into a perfect little wonderland…with plenty of taming! Tomatoes and beans were planted, sprouted and transplanted into their final homes. Daily observation and watering has become a ritual.

CL growing

Making: With less time indoors, there was less making, but the crazy noodle sculpture was hit, followed by St. Patricks Day and Easter activities. We also spend a beautiful day at a Scandinavian Festival filled with handicrafts for the littles, one of which was a hand sanded butter knife.

CL making

In the same span, I’ve continued to purge our home and studio. Each time I’m certain the job is done, it just exposes the next layer of unnecessary things that went previously unnoticed. With winter behind us and spring in full bloom, it’s also meant my closet needed attention, but I’ll save the details on that for the Slow Style series…



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