Web Chronicles: October

I always enjoy link round-ups from my favorite bloggers so I thought I’d try it out myself…

Screenshot 2018-10-04 at 11.15.51 AM

No matter how separate runway fashion is from my real life and closet, I just cannot get enough of the fantasy and limitless creativity of the art form.

Between spending a little time getting my fall closet in order, I’ve also been enjoying reading about different methods for putting together wardrobes. A few favorites:

  • 5 Piece French Wardrobe: I’d heard of the concept on Pinterest but Archana’s well written article on the topic made me seriously consider trying it out for myself. I can relate to the progression of her mind-set and wardrobe and the idea of adding only 5 items per season also aligns with my goals for a handmade wardrobe. I really can’t see myself sewing more than 10 quality pieces in a year anyway. More importantly, this would force me to keep my thrifting in check!
  • 4×4 Capsule Wardrobe: I’m happy with the size of my closet, but not all of my pieces mix and match quite as well as I’d like them to in the future. This formula from The Vivienne Files makes the process feel really approachable and flexible to any style.
  • Modules: Another formula that feels useful for someone like myself who loves color and statement pieces is discussed in this video made by a stylist. 1 outer layer + 3 tops + 2 bottoms = 1 Module (or 6-12 potential outfits). Add a second module that works with the first, then a third…ridiculous numbers of outfits!

This colorful capsule reads like a watered down Gucci runway (I mean that in the best possible way) and I’m kind of in love with it. That red suit!!

It rained just long enough for me to justify lounging around to listen to this podcast interview with Karen Templer while the kiddo played a video game. The wardrobe planning posts on her blog Fringe Association are my love language and she discusses that and more in the interview.

“If you think style is superficial, then Stasia’s personal story of how she redefined style might just change your mind.” Such a great TED talk, glad I stayed up a little late to listen to the whole thing. I often question my own preoccupation with style, and obviously there’s so much more to life, but it’s always nice to hear compelling reasons why it does matter.



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