Slow Fashion October Week 4: What needs fixing?

Last but not least, week 4 of Slow Fashion (November!) where we take a good look at our fix it pile. I have 10 items right now including simple changes like new buttons and shortened sleeves on blouses, patching holes in two items, modifying fit on a few others and creating a whole new garment. Some of these have been languishing for a while so hopefully putting it in writing here lights a fire to get it done.

11-27-18 mending and refash pile

What are examples of things that are too short/long/tight/wrong color that are fairly easily changed? I have a stack of pants that are just slightly too small encouraging me to refocus on healthy habits so I can wear them again…unfortunately my sewing machine can’t save me on this one! I do have one pair of high waist stretch jeans I love that are too big though, and I’m interested in trying my hand at taking them apart to correct the fit and continue wearing them.

What are the more challenging modifications for you, and do you get to build skills in the process? Taking in those jeans will be challenging since I’ve never made jeans. I’ll definitely be taking notes as I take them apart to be sure I’ve got the sewing order clear. There’s also a sheer lined dress that I’m taking in and making sleeveless. Since it’s sheer, it’s been a process to figure out the best sewing and finishing techniques for the fabric and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Here’s the before…I have yet to finish it…

06-02-18 red dress (before)

Appleseeds dress (thrifted)…I don’t know why I’m making that face 🙂

Which things can you do yourself and which will you need to take to a tailor or cobbler or other professional? I own a few pairs of shoes worthy of taking to a professional once needed, but right now none of my clothing is of the quality I’d consider worth the extra expense of a tailor. I plan on working through my stack on my own.

Can that not-right sweater be modified, or do you just need to unravel it and put the yarn to better use? I haven’t ventured into knitting yet but have dropped heavy hints to my husband about a class for Christmas this year, so here’s for hoping!

If you’re attached to the fabric but not the garment, can you cut pieces for a different garment from it? Yes. The blue tie dye wrap pants have a ton of fabric to work with. I love them but the fit isn’t right at the waist and the wrap aspect is quite impractical when worn all day. I imagine something along the lines of my M7445’s. The butterfly fabric in the stack is from a vintage dress my mom picked up for me. The bodice was too tight and badly damaged but the full skirt is very usable now that’s it’s been removed from the dress.

08-16-17 blue tie dye wrap pants

cat shirt (thrifted/restyled), Alma de Anil wrap pants (thrifted), necklace (Harvest Festival, artisan made)

Can any of the items be used to patch/mend any of the other items? Nothing like that at the moment, but I’d like to think I’ll get to that place eventually now that there’s a much slower rate of turnover in my wardrobe and I wear my favorites to death.

Does any of it really want to become something else entirely – a rag rug or quilt or…? I have a few items in my fabric stash for dollmaking, so not entirely different, but much smaller, ha!

This has been such a great exercise to work through and the best part is it didn’t feel completely overwhelming which means I’ve made real progress these last few years. Thank you to Karen Templer over at Fringe Association for coordinating this online event. It’s been educational and inspiring as always. 



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