Web Chronicles: November

11-28-18 map of procrastination

My husband texted this to me so I’m unsure of the original source, but we had a good laugh about the City of Closet Re-organization where he claims I live when I leave the Isle of Good Intentions, ha!! He’s not totally wrong. When he sent this, I was already in the midst of a month long preoccupation with self development so I thought I’d share what I spent November reading and listening to in this months round-up…

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller

I bought this book back in 2011 and never finished it, then recently my husband was reading another of his books, Building a Story Brand, prompting me to pick it back up. I’m glad I did because I really enjoyed it this time around. I left a career I didn’t love to be a SAHM and as Kindergarten approaches next year I’m trying to figure out my next move. Thinking of life as a story I’m writing and deciding what to put on the blank page really resonates right now.

The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill

Had I read this book as a teenager, I could have done without every self development book I’ve read in the 20 years since. Then again, I suppose it wouldn’t have been the same since the voice of the author can be as much an influence as the words they write, not to mention the time in life you read it. Each chapter so far has reminded me of another book or two I’ve read and has brought my favorite tidbits of each to mind. That in itself has made it worthwhile.

Style Your Mind Podcast by Cara Alwill Leyba

Her story really inspires me. Had I discovered her on IG first I might have assumed I couldn’t relate to her, but I love her podcast so much. I spend a lot of time reading about mindfulness when sometimes I need a kick in the pants from someone super ambitious to work harder and confidently take on life. I have her workbook on my Christmas wish list too.

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

I was listening to the Love to Sew podcast interview with Gretchen and remembered that this was yet another book I’ve kept on my shelf for ages. I wasn’t married or a mother when I first read it back in 2009, so it’s been like reading it for the first time again. I’m  considering using her framework to map out my goals for 2019.

The Four Tendencies Quiz by Gretchen Rubin

Also prompted by the Love to Sew Podcast, I took this quiz. The result says I’m an obliger, which I’d say rings pretty true. Outside obligations, I will successfully accomplish, but I really struggle keeping commitments to myself.

I have the tendency to take interest in a topic and dive in for a bit, then move along to something else with the next new moon. This has been a good month with all of my reading and listening intertwining and feeding into one another, leaving me feeling energized and focused and reminding me to just stop procrastinating! I’m plowing through my to do list so I can start the new year without loose ends carrying over, be more intentional with my time moving forward and bring some ideas to fruition that I’ve not been pushing myself hard enough to make happen.

Today I wrapped up a project I did for a local shop so I’m looking forward to jumping into some personal sewing I’ve got lined up! I do still want this blog to be about sewing…



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