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Fall 10×10

A few of my favorite bloggers have been sharing their 10×10 challenges for quite a while now and I finally completed my 1st one…a month ago. The concept was created by Lee over at Style Bee and is an exercise in minimalism, creativity and contentment where you select 10 items from your closet and put together 10 different looks over the period of 10 days. I attempted one last fall but between the extreme heat wave we experienced and the fact that my pieces were all neutral colors, I quit after 5 days out of boredom and necessity…I seriously swapped my 10 items for a swimsuit. Anyway, it was a much better experience this time around since we had more typical Fall weather (for us) and my closet is in better shape overall. For the past year I’ve been very thoughtfully working toward a colorful closet that can mix and match and in putting together my pieces I could see those efforts paying off and was thrilled with the outfits I could put together. So lets get on with it…

The Pieces


  1. White V-neck (J. Crew, thrifted)
  2. Gray Sleeveless Sweater (Vintage, thrifted)
  3. Dark Gray Tee (Alternative Earth, thrifted)
  4. Velvet Vest (Vintage, thrifted)
  5. Pink Blouse (Vintage, thrifted)
  6. Green Blouse, (Vintage, thrifted and customized with new buttons)
  7. Mustard Sweater (Anthropologie, thrifted)
  8. Mustard pants (H&M, thrifted)
  9. Cone denim (Lucky Brand, New 2018)
  10. Wide Leg pants (home sewn, M7445)

I opted to exclude shoes because with temps ranging from 65-85 during the 10 days I knew layering opportunities would be limited and wanted to set myself up for success. I also modified my challenge by counting the days I actually got dressed rather than forcing them to be consecutive. On Day 4 I spent the entire day doing household chores, yard work and a science project with my kiddo so it seemed silly to make an outfit happen that day just for the sake of the challenge. Halloween also landed midway through and I wasn’t about to include that in my 10 pieces. This is real life!

The Outfits

I did a terrible job of OOTD pictures and only ended up with one, so here’s the best I can do this round. I really did wear all of these outfits and mostly loved them. Day 3 is pretty basic for me, but I spent the day outside at the Museum of Natural History with the kiddo so it was perfect. Day 5 was the first time it occurred to me to layer the gray knit top over a blouse and I loved the effect. A perfect compromise when I’m craving fall clothing but it’s still not cold enough for real sweaters. I ended up wearing three pairs of shoes during the 10 days including sage green slip on Vans, dark gray Toms classics and russet Manitobah moccasins and I was happy I decided to leave shoes out of the challenge because that small variety made all the difference when pulling together each look.


Bonus Outfit

My Day 5 was Halloween and I was Mary Poppins! I popped into the thrift shop with a handful of ideas I could create using basic clothing items (Daria, Margot from Royal Tenenbaums, Where’s Waldo and Mary Poppins) and left it up to fate depending on which pieces I could find…one stop and $8 later, all I had to do was stitch the bow tie on, paint and adorn the hat and throw on boots from my closet. Not bad for such low waste and I already had someone request to borrow the hat next year so it will get some future use too!

10-31-18 Halloween Costumes

In Conclusion

I had fun with this challenge and didn’t experience burn out with these pieces at all. Had the temps dropped any more, I may have tired of only having one sweater. It was a struggle to choose between that and my color block jacket since both mix and match with all my other pieces really well. Luckily, that wasn’t the case. Only now that I’m getting around to posting this has the temperature dropped to true sweater weather. Seeing how 10 carefully selected pieces can mix and match to create over 15 different outfits was really eye opening. I cannot go into a thrift store and pick up a cute top for $2 again without considering whether it will get that kind of mileage. That’s a huge take-away since thrifting is my constant closet downfall. I’ll definitely participate in a future 10×10 to see how my favorite pieces for other seasons measure up when put to this test.