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Cut & Paste


I have to believe that anyone into personal style who also loves to sew has the box of clothing items they just can’t seem to part with because you know you could [fill in the blank] and it would be perfect! My issue with said box is it basically turns into a black hole where ideas go to die and clothes never see the light of day. For this reason, I decided to put ALL my clothing into my closet and move things I’d worn to one end as I went. After a couple months, I reviewed my wardrobe board and did a (dare I say) final sort of items into 3 categories:

  • love = hang back in the closet
  • meh = donate/sell
  • love but don’t wear because xyz = project box

Keeping the love but don’t wear items in my closet was only complicating getting dressed, obviously, so I decided to snap a quick picture of each piece before returning them to the black hole. Next I used Photoshop Elements to create 8 1/2 x 11″ layouts, printed and cut them out to glue into my wardrobe/sewing journal.


Now I can flip through my journal when I’m feeling the urge to shop and prioritize a project. Drawing in some grids gives me a clean space for jotting down notes for each. Many need mending, fit alterations, dyeing, or restyling, and others I’d like to knock off the pattern or sew/purchase a new item to go with it. I do realize I could have completed some mending in the time I used to play cut and paste, but there’s 33 projects so in the long run I feel it’s worth the couple hours to keep them all on my radar and moving forward.






I made it look so fun, my kiddo immediately asked for some clothes for his own project and we spent the best Saturday morning creating together!


I’m so grateful for the online sewing and personal style community. Though I’ve been doing things like this for as long as I can remember, I now know I’m not a total weirdo and others out there share my obsession interests!

Next on the agenda is some actual time at the sewing machine. I still have #2017makenine to finish and one of those projects has been cut and on my table for longer than I’d care to admit…


Collage A Day In May: Part 2

I didn’t intend to get halfway through June before posting the rest of my project from May but here we go!

061815 Collage May 11

May 11

061815 Collage May 12

May 12

061815 Collage May 13

May 13

061815 Collage May 14

May 14

061815 Collage May 15

May 15

061815 Collage May 16

May 16

061815 Collage May 17

May 17

061815 Collage May 18

May 18

061815 Collage May 19

May 19

061815 Collage May 20

May 20

061815 Collage May 21

May 21

061815 Collage May 22

May 22

061815 Collage May 23

May 23

061815 Collage May 24

May 24

061815 Collage May 25

May 25

061815 Collage May 26

May 26

061815 Collage May 27

May 27

061815 Collage May 28

May 28

061815 Collage May 29

May 29

061815 Collage May 30

May 30

061815 Collage May 31

May 31

I love how flipping through this notebook not only inspires a myriad of project ideas, but evokes memories from the different times in my life when I collected each one. It’s surprising how well I recall each one after so many years…a human ability that’s apparently shared by the pigeon 🙂

Collage a Day In May

I’ve been working through some serious purging in my studio and in the process unearthed 20 years worth of old images that I’d always intended to create an inspiration notebook out of. The point of all the purging is to take a now or never approach to the excess materials I’ve hoarded so I decided to do my own little personal challenge and make a collage each day in May. With them sorted and clipped it’s been a perfect daily practice, only taking about 15 minutes. It’s also reigniting my passion for fashion and the dreams of my 21 year old self, fresh out of fashion school…will see where that leads!

Here are my first ten pages…

May 1

May 1

May 2

May 2

May 3

May 3

May 4

May 4

May 5

May 5

May 6

May 6

May 7

May 7

May 8

May 8

May 9

May 9

051115 Collage May 10

May 10

At first I just started gluing without overthinking it, but each one that followed became it’s own creation with a specific mood or color scheme. Pinterest is amazing, but I just love the process of arranging images on a page to make a whole new composition. So much fun!

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